The Camel Colored Coat Every Girl Should Own|OTTD

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Today I am going to share with an simple outfit that I wore to Church today. What I love about this outfit is the camel coat as I find it really brings the outfit together and makes it look elegant. What I also love is that, you can easily pair it with anything and it would make your outfit look like you spent ages dressing up.

The camel colored coat every girl should own

Scarf- From a local market

Coat- New look from years ago

Dress- American apparel


Choker- Primark

 PicMonkey Collage

Down below are some links to some Camel Coats that I recommend  :



John Lewis 

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Estee lauder double wear foundation review

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing the famous Estee Lauder double wear foundation.The customer service was brilliant, the lady at the stand was very helpful when trying to color match me.I was going to buy this foundation as, I got a tester from the stand at boots, however the color was too dark for me.The only other foundation color I could have got was also too light for me.However I still tried the foundation and was able to gather an opinion about it.



It feels very lightweight even though it’s a medium to full coverage foundation. I find i don’t need to use concealer with it on. You can also tell that you are wearing foundation. So if you are going for the more natural look this isn’t  for you.

It even out my skin tone as you can’t see any of my acne scars and also makes my skin look flawless.

It also doesn’t stain on your clothes! I was very happy when in found out about this as it’s an nightmare wen foundation marks are all over my clothes.

It is a matte finish

It has a wide shade range


It also lasts very long , I dint use a primer with it on and it lasted about 8 hours before i started seeing any fading.


The only thing that the color shade aren’t wide enough, but saying that the lady at the stand said that, Estee Lauder are going to bring some more shades in the range at April.

I would defiantly recommend this foundation .for anyone looking for medium to high coverage foundation and a matte finish.

You can buy it here

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Life lessons that I have learnt in 2014


Hello everyone,

By the time you all are reading this we would be in the new year. I thought that, I should make a blog post on reflect on the highs and lows of 2014 ,including everything that I have learnt this year.

1, Understanding that not everyone would like me and that okay

One of the main things I have learnt to understand this year is not everyone would be a big fan of me. This has been a very hard concept to actually put it action, as it is hard for me not to care about people think of me. However when I started doing this, I realize I was more happy as a person as I wasn’t constantly fretting about what people thought about me.

2, Love my self of no one will

I have always been the sort of person who didn’t have huge self-confidence due to a few events in my childhood. It has been hard to actually believe in compliments , I get.This year I realized that I would be stuck with this body for the rest of my life and I might as well make the most with what I have. I wouldn’t say that my confidence is at an all time high , however it has gotten better than it was at the start of the year.

 3.Things might not work at first but things will eventually work out.

Everything happens for a reason , whether its good or bad. At first it might not always be easy to understand this due to whatever situation. However when you start seeing the bigger picture you realize that what might go wrong the first time, would have actually have actually been a  blessing.

4, If you work hard your goals can be achieved  

In school I am one of those students that doesn’t really try hard enough the  but always does alright at the end. However this was not the case in History GSCE’S. At the end of last year I was getting Es just because I wasn’t bothered to do work.I wasn’t satisfied with the grades I was getting , when it got to the GCSE’S period I work as hard I could. I passed and now doing the A LEVEL course.

5, Organisation is key

This is also something I have learnt during my academic year of sixth form and GCSE’S. Organisation is still something I struggle with but has gotten better during this year. I have learnt leaving things to the last minutes is clearly not a great idea.

Those are some of the things I learnt this year. What have you learnt.

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Aisha xx