Ebay bargainsHey everyone,

 I haven’t done a post like this in a while , as i have been posting reviews lately and thought it would be nice to do something different. Ebay is such a great place to find good bargains and i thought i would just share some of the bargains I found.

1, Lady Star Studded Chelsea Boots Low Heels Platform Ankle Booties

I found these cute ankle boots and I thought this would be so great for Autumn. What I love about these is that they don’t have too much of a heel as most of my boots practically have a big heel. I also love the studs as they don’t come of as tacky.

2,5 Pcs Professional Make up Brush Set

These brushes really remind me of the real techniques brushes, To add to this you get the price of 5 brushes under the price of what 1 brush would have cost.I am really intrigued if they would be as good as the real techniques ones.

3,Fashion Charm Jewelry Pendant

 I have been on a hunt to get the perfect statement jewelry and I found this really cute necklace  on eBay.To add to this the price makes me love this item more. I find that statement jewelry looks really effective when wearing a plain top or a jumper than pairing loads of accessorizes with an outfit.

4,Nails Inc London Nail Polish Varnish 10ml – St Martin’s Lane

This has got to be my favorite bargain.I love the color of this polish as its great for the season.Recently i have been really into deep purples, the pricing on this item is also great.

5,DIY Desk Cosmetics Stationery Storage Box

This find is also great for all those who are looking for cheap storage for their makeup IE me haha and its going to cost you cheaper than chips.

Have you found any Ebay bargains , if so please share.

Aisha x



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