Christmas gift guide for her

Christmas gift guide for h
Hey everyone, its been a while hasn’t it?
I decided to have a little break from blogging due to schoolwork. However I have missed blogging quite a bit so I am back. I have decided to blog at least once a week or twice if I have time.
So I have decided to do a Christmas gift guide but with a twist, Each of the five different present ides are all catered to different type of Girls/ Women. I also tried to  make the products purse friendly.
1,For the girl who loves eye shadows
I thought that this would be prefect for girls that who loves eye shadows. The palette is from Makeup revolution and it has so much that a girl can want. You can create like literally any look that you want with this palette as the colors are so diverse and its great for it value.
2,For the girl who loves to indulge
I thought this would be great for women are really into pampering themselves. This gift set comes with everything that you need including a body butter and a body wash and much more . I have heard that this scent of this product range is also amazing.
3,For the girl who is addicted to body scents
This is a present that I personally love the most! This set comes with 6 … yes that’s right 6 Victoria secrets body mists. I love the scents of these body mist they are literally perfect and it also great for the price its at!
4,For the girl who loves nail polish
I think this present would be ideal for nail polish lovers. The set comes with 3 nail colors. I especially love this range as its made by the lovely Tanya burr. I also love the colors it comes with, I think that they will be great for this Christmas period.
5, For the teenager
I think this presents would be ideal for teenagers just like me. I think anything in the new Zoella beauty range would be perfect but I especially love the pencil-case /makeup bag as they are just so cute, I also think girl online would be great present.
That is it for my Christmas gift guide. I might also do another gift guide for him later on.
Thanks for reading
Aisha xx

Empties #1


2014-11-13 10.46.37

Hey everyone, hope you are all well!! I have had a break from blogging recently has i have a writing block.Ugh.  However i have got a few post lined up starting with today ,I am going to be doing my first empties post.

1,Sleek New Skin Revive

This foundation is a really lightweight foundation and gives the effect of natural looking skin as its very light coverage. I find when 1 am wearing this i don’t even feel it on my skin. It also stays on for a great amount of time and it comes with a pump which is very handy! It comes with 35 ml and the bottle has lasted me almost a year of use. The shade range is very varied so for the very lightest to darkest skin tone, which i like because it makes the product very accessible. I would repurchase this product again, However i think the product is discontinued in Superdrugs.

2, Sleek concealer & Corrector Palette

I have mentioned this palette on my blog a lot recently so this. I am going to keep this review nice and short. I loved this palette i dont really use the Corrector, however as it its very hard to blend and I dont really see the point of it being in the palette. To add to this it comes with a powder , which I find really handy as you can touch up when ever. I also love how practical the packaging is , but I does get covered in fingerprints. The concealer is great and it reminds me of the Bobbi brown version , even though i wouldn’t call it an exact dupe. I used the concealer on my bags and to highlight my eyebrows and it also last for a long time. Buy it here

3, B.Sun Kissed Bronzing powder.

This bronzer is very nice as it creates a really glowing effect , as it isn’t a matte powder.I find it best not to use too much as your face and heavy on the brush, as a little goes a long way. I would have gave this and excellent review ,but the packaging is the best and as sturdy as the Sleek one as it drop of my little stool and cracked. What made it even worst was that it kept leaking on EVERYTHING! I would consider to repurchasing this if the packaging quality got better. Buy it here

Easy Halloween cat makeup tutorial

cat makeup tutorial halloween

Hey everyone , its been a while since I have written a blog post. At  its nearing Halloween I thought id do a easy makeup idea suitable  for Halloween and its also very easy so anyone can do it …..even me.

The products I used for this look were

cat makeup tutorial

 To acheive this look

I basically did my everyday makeup routine.

However on my eyes using the cocoa dream on my lids and doing a winged liner.

Then on my lips I applied concealer on my bottom lip and applied MUA lipstick in ‘Raven’

Then on my nose I applied eyeliner on my nose

After that i drew a line on my cupids bow and added dots besides it

Then i drew whiskers on my face and that’s  its !!!!!

Aisha x