Christmas gift guide for her

Christmas gift guide for h by aisha-seriki featuring a pink nail color Victoria s Secret beauty product / Pink nail color, $19 / Bags case / Eyeshadow, $16 / Kitchen gadgets tool, $27 Hey everyone, its been a while hasn’t it? I decided to have a little break from blogging due to schoolwork. However I […]

The Show Stopper!!

Motel green bodycon dress, £58 Chunky platform shoes, £10 Accessorize yellow gold jewelry £8:25 Hello guys i hope you all had a great Christmas. I am going to share with you a new years eve outfit idea that you could wear on new year eve.I called this post the show stopper simply because of the […]

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

                Merry Christmas everyone! !! I would just like to say thanks for all the support i have had in the past few months .Every comment,like and follow means such a lot to me.I hope you all have a great Christmas full of food,presents and connecting with family.I have a few posts planned for the […]